Life Is An Adventure


    Life can be endured, enjoyed or explored. Fifteen years ago, I began a journey more appropriately entitled an adventure that began with a travel around the world. This exploration of seeing places  and meeting people in different countries led to an initial web site of posting my observations and pictures. Travel became an enjoyable passion that offered time to think, read and  assimilate the myriad strands of observations and reflections that are recorded on these pages.

Travel section has an itinerary of my travels over the last 15 years. Travelogues have my observations on people, society and politics and tips for travelers. A travel planner is included for the intrepid to scope out a region before getting there. I have also included a list of world heritage sites I have seen.

I have captured images of bewitching sites both natural and architectural from around the world. Picture tours are divided in different categories. The sample pictures on this page are a World heritage palace from Sweden, an unusually expressive modern art outdoor sculpture from Norway, a traditional dancer from Bali, Indonesia and breathtaking sunset view of Buddhist temples of Bagan in Myanmar, another world heritage site. Cities has picture tours of cities around the world with must see sites. Nature has tours of national parks and unusual natural scenes that one must see to believe. World heritage sections has pictures of places in the UNESCO list of natural and man made marvels that are essential to understanding evolution of human societies over time. You can click on the albums to see larger images or play slide shows.

Movies are YouTube videos of the images I have collected with a musical background. You can always use ‘Search’ at the top of the page to go directly to your interests.

I hope this collection of images and observations stirs up your imagination and desire to see the fascinating world around us.